What’s wrong with Connecticut’s marriage officiant law?

Connecticut General Statute 46b-22

I believe that Connecticut’s marriage officiant law is discriminatory to minority faiths and I’ve started a project to change it. What is the current law? Section 46b-22 of the Connecticut General Statutes defines who is allowed to solemnize a marriage: all judges and retired judges, either elected or appointed, including federal judges and judges of… Continue reading What’s wrong with Connecticut’s marriage officiant law?

Still Wandering

I started this blog years ago with the intent of chronicling my spiritual journey. With a flourish, I typed up a self-important post regaling my readers (of whom there were none) the glorious history of my religious beliefs: from Catholic, to agnostic, to “Neopagan agnostic.” Towards the end I state the the following:

My specific views on a “higher power” could be called panentheistic. I view “God/Diety/the Devine” as the eternal force, rather than an anthropomorphized man-like entity, that exists behind the universe. It has both traditionally male and female characteristics. I also see every god or goddess believed in to be a human representation of some aspect of “the Devine” though my Christian roots compel me to call this eternal force “God.”


I now cringe at the text I wrote in 2010. I cringe, not because the beliefs are ignorant, but because it’s ignorant to attempt describing one of the most difficult aspects of one’s being using words for which you only have a cursory grasp.